How Anyone Can Create An Infographic

With the rise of software, infographic creation is made easy for everyone.

July 14, 2014

If you speak to any type of SEO Mississauga Consultant, or Digital Marketing expert, you'll often hear them say that “Content is king” is among the greatest marketing rules, but the greatness of a material means nothing if no one takes the time to read it.

The current day content marketing is among the most economical methods of boosting your brand's credibility, but such things as blog posts and podcasts take a considerable while to absorb. In a field where the time to capture your audience's attention is limited to just a few seconds, you have to be conspicuous in the crowd.

A great way of doing this is through the use of infographics since they let you take gather almost any kind of information and convert it into content that could easily burst into flames on the social media. As far as the shareable content is concerned, at the top of the list are images since most people prefer visual material. For many people, effort and price is one of their greatest confronts when it comes to infographic integration. In case you approach a professional graphic designer to create you an infographic, they will normally charge about $500-2,000 but this price will vary with complexity and size of your project.

Luckily you can do away with the graphic designer by using the resources at your disposal to come up with your own infographics.


If you are searching for a tool to start you off with your thoughts, then you can go for easelly. Easelly lets you pick your template from hundreds prior to the creation of an account. You can hit the ground from that point where you can customize your infographics according to your specific needs, thanks to the visual editor.

Even though easelly is a tool that a child can use with a lot of ease, it is still flexible and lets professionals build excellent infographics independently since it has a lot of applications for instant use. For instant premade graphics and shapes that can just be dragged and dropped into the templates of your choice. Then you can proceed to place your text and off you go.

Easelly is a great tool for creation of ingraphics and besides it allows one to share their creations via their community. Even though the sharing is optional, it is a feature that lets them pick a template from the range of the premade pool done by others.


In circumstances that require the creation of maps, charts, graphs, or where your project requires varying image resolutions, piktochart will serve you right. Piktochart provides the user with an interface that is easy to use, and this interface comes with hundreds of templates and many premade graphics. Besides, it has inbuilt spreadsheet appliances that are very useful in your data input and chart generation where necessary.

Piktochart has a negative side too. Its free edition must have a watermark on every infographic and the automatic publication for the public to see. However, its Pro edition costs $290 per year, it is much stronger, requires no watermark, and publicly sharing of your infographics is optional.

If this seems like what you are seeking, read the online article on the creation of slick infographics courtesy of Piktochart.

Infographics role is more than just to show static information. Nowadays, there is a rapid change in information trends and that is why the ability to use instantaneous data feeds in creation of infographics is important to those of you who want to ensure that their content is accurate. is uncomplicated web-based tools that will allow you to design infographics quickly even with little graphic experience.

The major difference between this tool and other solutions is that your visuals can automatically adjust to allow changes occurring in your source of data.

However, comes with a free plan, and it just allows the user to publish their infographic with a watermark on the internet for the public to view. This plan is at $19 per month and allows the creation of PNG and PDF and instantaneous data feeds, but one still has to put a watermark. In case one wants to include a custom logo in their images (normally compulsory for corporate infographics), then they should register for the plan at a monthly price of $50.

Google Developers

Although graphs and charts alone are not the most eye-catching ways for online data publication, still they are important aspects in explaining complex information. While one can generate charts using a spreadsheet tool, Google Developers provides a strong solution for that allows developers to utilize the standard code in the creation of fly charts.

Charts done with the Google developer can generate static content; they can allow animation and configuration to address users’ actions. (For example, showing extra information on your mouseovers).The greatest advantage of these tools lies in the economy and the power of Google developers. In fact, they are free for small applications and the most powerful of all the alternatives in this article.

Always remember that Google developers don’t give you a web interface that is user-friendly for your content generation. Contrary to most of the solutions that appear in this article, the option is particularly associated with programmers who wish to make their data visual but within their applications.

The significance of primary research

It is fairly simple to build one's own infographics courtesy of the tools as mentioned earlier, but they are required to ensure that create their infographics according to their audiences needs. As mentioned in an article called SitePoint, one has to conduct a primary research before creating anything to make sure that their materials bring more value to their audience.

As always put, quality beats quantity. If what you create does not make your audience feel unsatisfied, and then never bother yourself with infographics.

Do you think that I have left something out? You can always let me know.