7 Steps guaranteed to make a failure of your SEO strategies!

If you wish for your SEO strategies to yield nothing but failure then the steps provided below are just what you should do! Please implement one or all of the steps below if you don’t care about your SEO gains for the long run and absolutely have no care for your rankings and ultimately, you business’ success in the long run!

TSBB_Frustration-440x293Just pick keywords from the air

Don’t do a keyword search before implementing them into your content or website.  In fact, go a step further to add just about any keywords you can think of without paying attention on whether or not it actually is relevant to your content, business or brand. If you don’t want to be among those with wrong keywords that ultimately affect their page rankings then it is a good idea to make use of keyword research tools to help you come up with the most appropriate keywords related to your business, brand, product or service.

Stuff keywords

The fastest track to sinking your SEO strategies is to stuff keywords. Google absolutely loathes key word stuffing and will automatically write your website off as a poor quality website. There needs to be proper keyword optimization at the right density to avoid your efforts going to waste. Content need to be engaging, flow naturally and be of great value to the readers.

Don’t check with your links

Don’t bother about checking to ensure that the links to the other websites that you are linking to are actually working fine. Don’t check to ensure that the sources you are linking to are reputable. Make sure that when visitors click on the link on your content they are instantly bombarded with error messages and if they don’t get the error messages then they are immediately directed to content that is not relevant to what they searched for in the first place!

Still on links-Any links will do!

It doesn’t matter if the links you get relates to your industry or not, as long as they are links, go ahead and get them! Who cares if links from a dog-food website don’t relate to a bridal-shop website as long as you get your links right?

Copy or duplicate content

Don’t bother with providing your visitors with original content. Instead, copy whatever content that you find interesting from other websites and paste it on your own as if you actually wrote it! In addition, make exact duplicates of content on your website. Simply write content on one web page and go ahead and copy the same content and paste to all the web pages on your website!

Don’t pay attention to Meta Descriptions and Title Tags

Whenever you create content, don’t pay attention to little things such as Meta Descriptions and Title Tags. Don’t bother with wiring the right Meta descriptions that will help viewers determine whether or not the page they intend on opening is actually the page they wish to open!

Don’t bother with setting goals and KPIs

Don’t stress yourself with setting goals and KPIs from the very beginning of your SEO strategies. Don’t bother yourself with setting goals, after all SEO is all about rankings, so watch for your rankings instead!

Why work at getting genuine links when you can simply buy them?

Don’t give yourself a headache by working at getting genuine links when you can simply buy some! After all, with bought links, you get to enjoy SEO gains, however short they may be! And so what if you get penalized for buying the links? You will have enjoyed the short term gains, right?


The Difference with Marketing Today

With the rise of digital technology, the modern marketer not only needs to be creative like they did in the past. But they also need to have a scientific side to them where they’re able to analyze and understand various type of data about consumer behavior and trends. Below is a very good infographic which shows how the digital marketing er changed the way we go about marketing.  modern-marketing-infographic

Infographic created by Pardot.

Advantages of Photo Booths For Marketing at Events

photoboothMarketing is all about engagement in new creative ways. So if you’re planning a company event, why not add a photo booth. Having a photo booth present has its advantages and disadvantages and so it is a good idea to know if it will be beneficial to your event/party or not. You might wish to go for a photo booth, buy one of your own or simply build one of your own. Rentals vs. DIY booths have their own set of advantages and disadvantages however, today; we are looking at photo booths in the general sense.


Fun and Entertainment for all ages
The whole point of having a photo booth is to help your guests loosen up a bit. Having a photo booth present will soon have many of your guests bringing out their goofy sides as they take one interesting shot after another. Do not be surprised when you have as long a line at the photo booth as you would have at the buffet table!

Brings out the creativity juices with some inevitable silly photos!
Creative photo shoots are the biggest end-result of having a photo shoot present. This is especially the case where there are interesting props present. You can even customize a given set of props to go with your special event or party. Imagine the fun your guests will have in the booth amidst all the props such as funny hats, wigs, sunglasses, mustaches and so much more. The sky is the limit as to the kind of props you can introduce at the photo booth to keep your guests entertained!

You get instant prints
Photo booths allow guests to pose for their photos and instantly get access to their photos. For as long as the printer is working just fine and has plenty of ink, there is no limit to the amount of photos you gets can enjoy taking and having instantly printed out.

Group shots are made fun and easy
Depending on the size of the photo booth, guests can comfortably take interesting photos in groups. Some booths can even handle up to 16 people if not more for that animated group shot! When such photos are printed, guests are left with a memorable experience of the event or party that they went to.


May take up too much space
Unfortunately there are some booths that do take up plenty of space thus limiting them to only functions with plenty of room to spare.

The cost of fun may be high
Depending on how the photo booth comes to be at your party (buying, renting or building your own) the cost of the fun that comes with it might be high. The props may be costly; additional electricity to power the booth may be a put off and the cost to actually bring it and set it up at the given location may be pricey.

Going by the numerous advantages compared to the limited disadvantages, it is clear to see that having a photo booth will be a ray of sunshine at your next event or party.


Mario is the owner of Celebrity Photo Booth in Toronto. They specialize in provide photo booths at corporate events. For more information about their company and services, check out their website at celebrityphotobooth.ca.

4 Strategies to Successfully Organize Your Content

The article was written by the good folks over at Plumber SEO Guru. Their team specializes in offering SEO and Digital Marketing services specifically to the clients in the plumbing industry, but their expertise stretches to over all areas of internet marketing for local businesses. For more information, check out their site at plumberseoguru.com.

There are a lot of similarities between cooking and marketing. You have the chef who makes the necessary arrangements, delegating, editing as well as managing the execution flow. The Sous chef is the correct way to go for a chef. He follows elaborate orders so s to produce the desired meal, content. The dinner guests are the judges about the meal made though they may not see what is happening behind the scene. The resultant product is a typical reflection of the happenings behind the scene.

Just like for the case of a meal, the entire process of content coordination takes a while. It entails proper strategizing, an ideal plan, and communication as well as armory equipment. Failure to have all these is likely to lead to a poor result.

This is the most ideal time for you to prepare a platform of success. The following guides are likely to cause success:

  1. Make a well defined strategy

Desirable content is likely to tie back with linking the writer to their audience on a reliable level. There is need for the writer to understand their target audience before commencing to make any content. Develop several categories of persona on the basis of: age, interests, age, profession, geographic location, as well as consumption patterns. In order to reach out to the specific target audience, leverage tools such as Google analytic, Twitter analytics as well as Face book Audience insights could be of much help.

Come up with detailed personas in order to manage to narrow down your content so as to suit the habits, consumption patterns as well as interests of these people. Mapping the content theme with the persona of the buyer is a correct move. It is important to create a suitable way for marketing to your persona and also create an ideal content to perfectly suit their needs. Carry out some keyword research in order to discover what the customers are on the lookout for. It is worth to note that social sentiment and Google can be used to tell the writer’s attitude concerning some given topic.

Identify ways that you will use to determine the extent of success of your efforts campaign. This can be achieved using three or four key performance indicators KPIs considering the conversion, share of voice metrics as well as referral. Determine the measure of your campaign by use of lead generation metrics, influence brand exposure and engagement.

  1. Create an editorial calendar

After identifying your strategy, you need to materialize all these. This can be achieved by your act of scheduling a calendar that will assist you to always be organized while ensuring that you hit the stipulated content themes. It is wise to also identify the ideal person from your team for a certain portion of content as well as the routing status. That way, a smooth movement of the systems can be achieved in a super easy way.

You may apply the use of content workflow tool which enables you to use a color coded calendar to view your content. By so doing, one achieves a good visual of the entire content. Google calendars are a perfect fit especially for a free option. In case you require employing an advanced platform that has multiple seats, you may consider use of a clear voice. In cases where you want to schedule the venue and time of sharing your blog post, tools such as Coschedule, are perfect social sharing option.

  1. Proper communication

Due to the fact that there are several moving parts in any content marketing, it is advisable if you keep a good communication link with your affiliates. Also avoid involving too many people in creating content via a one –on- one as well as digital tactics of communication. The following reasons explain why clear communication is a correct move:

  • During set deadlines
  • Answering of questions posed
  • Give new ideas
  • When on the same page
  • To maintain consistent quality of content
  • Discuss tactics to market content
  • Evaluate performance

What tools are ideal to employ? Google Hangout is super easy to use. In fact, it is a free route enabling you to program for a video conference call to a maximum of up to 10 devices, in case of above 10 people calling on Google Hangouts especially on live streams. By use of Yammer, it is possible to set up a social network anytime which is private. It can be used at any place and at any time.

You can use a specific CMS or a tool for content work flow to enable you to communicate in real time in case you have one. It is possible to greatly reduce overall quests by use of an integrated

Regardless of the means of communication that you are using, ensure you keep your conversation flowing smoothly. Program meetings and follow them up on a daily or weekly basis.

  1. Tools for content workflow leverage

Under-one-hood content had not been discovered until a few years go. Majority of the people solely relied on abundant tools. Nowadays, there are numerous content workflows all over. This allows us to create process, measure our efforts and to develop product consistency using channels as well s multiple contributors. There are various dimensions of workflow tools; hardly will one size fit all. You may consider investing in tool that possesses the following properties:

Content strategy integration and persona templates

  • Immediate alliance and editing
  • Editorial programs
  • Make a status follow up
  • Incorporation with market place of an external writer
  • A follow up of team yield
  • Publishing incorporation
  • Syndication of social media

Your content should be flexible enough to constantly put up with the prevailing challenge of developing proficient processes, mixed technology as well as a bright strategy. It should also consist of a wisely selected content workflow. All these combined will enable you to realize super successful results.

How Anyone Can Create An Infographic

imageWith the rise of software, infographic creation is made easy for everyone.

If you speak to any type of SEO Mississauga Consultant, or Digital Marketing expert, you’ll often hear them say that “Content is king” is among the greatest marketing rules, but the greatness of a material means nothing if no one takes the time to read it.

The current day content marketing is among the most economical methods of boosting your brand’s credibility, but such things as blog posts and podcasts take a considerable while to absorb. In a field where the time to capture your audience’s attention is limited to just a few seconds, you have to be conspicuous in the crowd.

A great way of doing this is through the use of infographics since they let you take gather almost any kind of information and convert it into content that could easily burst into flames on the social media. As far as the shareable content is concerned, at the top of the list are images since most people prefer visual material. For many people, effort and price is one of their greatest confronts when it comes to infographic integration. In case you approach a professional graphic designer to create you an infographic, they will normally charge about $500-2,000 but this price will vary with complexity and size of your project.

Luckily you can do away with the graphic designer by using the resources at your disposal to come up with your own infographics.


If you are searching for a tool to start you off with your thoughts, then you can go for easelly. Easelly lets you pick your template from hundreds prior to the creation of an account. You can hit the ground from that point where you can customize your infographics according to your specific needs, thanks to the visual editor.

Even though easelly is a tool that a child can use with a lot of ease, it is still flexible and lets professionals build excellent infographics independently since it has a lot of applications for instant use. For instant premade graphics and shapes that can just be dragged and dropped into the templates of your choice. Then you can proceed to place your text and off you go.

Easelly is a great tool for creation of ingraphics and besides it allows one to share their creations via their community. Even though the sharing is optional, it is a feature that lets them pick a template from the range of the premade pool done by others.


In circumstances that require the creation of maps, charts, graphs, or where your project requires varying image resolutions, piktochart will serve you right. Piktochart provides the user with an interface that is easy to use, and this interface comes with hundreds of templates and many premade graphics. Besides, it has inbuilt spreadsheet appliances that are very useful in your data input and chart generation where necessary.

Piktochart has a negative side too. Its free edition must have a watermark on every infographic and the automatic publication for the public to see. However, its Pro edition costs $290 per year, it is much stronger, requires no watermark, and publicly sharing of your infographics is optional.

If this seems like what you are seeking, read the online article on the creation of slick infographics courtesy of Piktochart.


Infographics role is more than just to show static information. Nowadays, there is a rapid change in information trends and that is why the ability to use instantaneous data feeds in creation of infographics is important to those of you who want to ensure that their content is accurate. Infogr.am is uncomplicated web-based tools that will allow you to design infographics quickly even with little graphic experience.

The major difference between this tool and other solutions is that your visuals can automatically adjust to allow changes occurring in your source of data.

However, Infogr.am comes with a free plan, and it just allows the user to publish their infographic with a watermark on the internet for the public to view. This plan is at $19 per month and allows the creation of PNG and PDF and instantaneous data feeds, but one still has to put a watermark. In case one wants to include a custom logo in their images (normally compulsory for corporate infographics), then they should register for the Infogr.am plan at a monthly price of $50.

Google Developers

Although graphs and charts alone are not the most eye-catching ways for online data publication, still they are important aspects in explaining complex information. While one can generate charts using a spreadsheet tool, Google Developers provides a strong solution for that allows developers to utilize the standard code in the creation of fly charts.

Charts done with the Google developer can generate static content; they can allow animation and configuration to address users’ actions. (For example, showing extra information on your mouseovers).The greatest advantage of these tools lies in the economy and the power of Google developers. In fact, they are free for small applications and the most powerful of all the alternatives in this article.

Always remember that Google developers don’t give you a web interface that is user-friendly for your content generation. Contrary to most of the solutions that appear in this article, the option is particularly associated with programmers who wish to make their data visual but within their applications.

The significance of primary research

It is fairly simple to build one’s own infographics courtesy of the tools as mentioned earlier, but they are required to ensure that create their infographics according to their audiences needs. As mentioned in an article called SitePoint, one has to conduct a primary research before creating anything to make sure that their materials bring more value to their audience.

As always put, quality beats quantity. If what you create does not make your audience feel unsatisfied, and then never bother yourself with infographics.

Do you think that I have left something out? You can always let me know.

Things you shouldn’t leave out of your content marketing campaign


Quality content is a great way to increase organic search traffic to your website.  A good content marketing campaign is an integral part of inbound marketing. When done strategically, the website, brand or business gains visibility and rankings in search engines which equates to an increase in organic search traffic.

So how do you spearhead a content marketing campaign that helps increase organic traffic?

Write content that speaks to your visitors

The content you come up with should speak to your visitors’ personas. It should be about things they care about and things they can learn from. It should solve a problem they have and spur them to share with their friends or family thus helping increase traffic and revenue to your site.

Throw in vital keywords

Keywords are what help your target audience find you. Look for relevant or long-tailed keywords that your target audience could use in search of certain information and ultimately land on your website. Once you optimize your website for the most relevant keywords then you are in for a treat with plenty of organic traffic. You can make use of keyword tools to find terms or words that your target customers punch into search engines and then proceed to use the same in your content marketing strategy.

While selecting the most relevant keywords, James, an SEO Freelancer in UK points out that just because it has high search volumes doesn’t mean that it ranks well in search engines. In such instances, long-tailed keywords should save the day.

Select the most relevant places to share your content

The most obvious place to share content is on your own website. However, you can also share content on social media platforms or on third-party sites. Strive to look for channels that add the most value to your website, business or brand. In order to find the right channels to pursue, you need to have a clear understanding of your target audience and places they frequent the most over the internet in search of information.

  • When you go the social media route, you can do so with paid social advertising or without. Remember to add links back to your website to help increase the ROI on your content.
  • There are third party sites that let you share your content either freely or for money. The right third-party site does help ensure that you greatly benefit from having your content shared.
  • It is important to note that engaging content draws most of your audience’s attention and motivates them to share unlike promotional content.

Subscriber updates

Unfortunately with the entrance of social media marketing, email marketing has been pushed aside. Those who strive to make use of both strategies reap big in their marketing strategies. You can provide your audience with updates and lots of useful information about your business or brand.

Build relationships with your target audience

Instead of churning out so much content, endeavor to take time and build relationships with your target audience.  This means doing away with the promotion of your products or services on a continual basis. Instead, you need to throw in some useful non-commercial content that can enrich your audience with information.

Remember to respond to comments, whether good or bad in the most appropriate manner so your audience knows you care. As you create the content, you can also invite dialog with the audience or ask questions to keep them engaged.

Ultimately, with the right audience, relevant keywords and a relationship with clients as a good foundation; content marketing can help increase traffic thus increase revenue.